This is the African century. Africa is growing.

The economy is rapidly expanding in many parts of the continent and our population is the fastest growing in the world. By the end of the century, almost half the world’s population will be African. The choices we make in the next decades will affect not just Africa but lead the world.

But even as we grow, poverty and inequality remain high and the environment is under increased threat from exploitation and increased consumption. What could a uniquely African economy look like if we built it on African values – such as relationships with each other and with the land?

Movement Building

Looking back at key moments in history, it’s clear that the tides often turn because of the emergence of a movement for change. Each of these historical movements centred on a higher set of values.

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Restorative Economy

The defining challenge of our generation is how we continue to develop without wrecking the planet. When we look back on the kind of world that we have shaped over our lifetime and bequeathed to those who follow us, what will we see?

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Areas of Engagement

The Abundant Africa process is engaging with experts, leaders, and citizens to determine key areas of theology, movement building and policy to engage with as we develop a vision for a restorative economy in Africa.

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We want to hear from you!

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