The Renew our World campaign

Renew our World is a global campaign promoting the development of a Restorative Economy. It brings together Christians from around the world with a passion to see an end to poverty, to halt climate change, and to break down structures of inequality in our everyday lives.

Their vision is for a world where all people can live life in all its fullness – where relationships are restored with God, with each other and with creation itself. They are a community of people following Jesus calling us to live differently, courageously, justly, and with immense hope.

Renew our World mobilises, inspires, and equips the global Church to: (1) transform our nations’ policies to be more sustainable and just; (2) transform our hearts through prayer and study to be more sensitive to injustice and better equipped to respond; and (3) transform our behaviors and lifestyles to reflect our love of God’s creation and our global neighbors.