A third way – a generative story

We need a generative story that places power and agency with all the people of Africa. This narrative comes to life as each of us brings our story, our piece of the puzzle. One of the tragedies of colonialism was that many Africans internalised the stories of their inferiority. Rev. Frank Chikane, a famous anti-apartheid leader from South Africa, says the greatest crime of colonialism was the killing of the African soul. This liberation hero believes that freeing the colonised mindset of Africans will be more difficult than political liberation.

This freedom lies in us telling our stories. We are not victims of history. Africa is a continent of storytellers. When each of us tells our story, we demonstrate our power and agency. By finding our voices we publicly reshape our soul. When our stories join to become part of a greater narrative, then the continent becomes powerful. A new narrative can stand against the injustice inherent in the single stories and will shape the economy.

Movements are united and motivated by resonant stories that weave our histories, strengths and challenges into more complex plots than simply rising or failing. Generative stories help us to create, to open up possibilities, and to draw us into relationship with one another.

A movement of a million prophets and storytellers aligned around common values will show us a vision and way to walk together. Our stories will repair broken dignity and enlarge our common identity. Our stories will drive and build our Abundant African economy.