Get Involved

Each one of us has been given a piece of the puzzle to contribute to the bigger picture vision of Africa’s future. If together we listen to God and one another we should begin to see a compelling vision emerge! Individuals, churches, NGO’s, business, government and others all have a unique and important role to play.¬†Join us on our Abundant Africa journey:

Organisations working to build transformational movements

We welcome continental level organisations organising particular sectors (like church denominations, or business networks) around issues that affect the continent to contribute ideas from your policy and practice. Join in relationship with other major networks co-lead and shape the ideas that will make up the Abundant Africa report.

Organisations or individuals focusing on key policy areas

Individuals or organisations working on specific policy areas being covered by Abundant Africa are encouraged to contribute ideas or case studies in your area of expertise. We are building teams of experts to write particular policy chapters – if you feel you could contribute we would love you to apply to join these teams.


Whether you have a great idea, an insight from the scriptures, some critiques of other ideas in our forums, or a case study you have seen somewhere you would love to share, then please contribute either on the forums or send an email to

Young people

We especially welcome ideas from young people around movement building and areas of policy that you believe are crucial to build our abundant Africa future. Engage in the forums; help involve other young people through your posts on social media (win some books); or contribute some great policy ideas (and win a chance to fly to Malawi for movement building training in January)!